Case Studies


When I started working with the Center, it was newly-formed and looking to branch out from the standard look and feel of the Yale Medical School sites so they could emphasize the “Creativity” in their name, as well as allow for their audiences to easily gain information about dyslexia.  I advised on content  strategies and visual and editorial components for print, web, and social media, for ten years.  Additionally, I designed and sourced graphics for digital and print products, wrote content for print and web,  and participated in video development, event management, initiative launches, and message construction.



Over the years, I have worked with the founder, the directors and other Seedlings staff to hone their mission and message, strategizing ways to communicate with and attract interest from  Connecticut educators and school administrators, who are often short of time and overtaxed.  Most recently, I oversaw and was primarily responsible for the execution of a new and improved online presence, including directing a promotional video.  I continue to develop their printed materials, including flyers, promotional products, and postcards.  I have written content and copy for the site and their printed items, and set the tone and editorial direction for further staff writing.  Additionally, I constructed a survey to gather feedback and provided analysis to improve and promote the program.  I have also provided photography services for certain workshops to aid in telling the story of this organization and its mission.


Working with the wonderful people at Grameen Vida Sana and its sister organizations, we identified a need for a branded look for their online, printed educational pieces, in-house wall art and signage, as well as communications with their funders.  I crafted the look and feel for printed materials and wall art and signage for the office, among other items, and provided photography and graphics for creating a visual statement of belonging and professionalism, as well as to showcase offerings to prospective clients.  Additionally, I develop infographics and illustrations for board member and funder meetings.


As someone who is passionate about improving the lives of all people, it was an honor to work with the SARAH Foundation for more than a decade. During that duration, I worked on all of their graphic presentations, including postcards, advertisements, brochures, posters, buckslips,  20-plus page annual reports, and more.  I developed their color palette and designed the Foundation’s new logo.  Additionally, I provided photography services and content writing and editing.