Design Portfolio


The cliche, “a picture can say a thousand words” rings true when we are developing a logo for your organization, as well as when designing infographics and charts to help your audience understand your mission, educate the public about your work or research, or share the progress you have made with supporters and funders.  From color selection to creating engaging graphics, we speak volumes in just what imagery we display to our audiences, so you want to be sure you have a thoughtful, creative and dedicated professional capturing it for you.


Say it big with banners, posters, sandwich board displays and more oversized art.


Tell prospective clients, supporters, and funders about your organization, offer information, and showcase special programs within your organization through compact printed materials. Hand out at events, use as paper inserts, or simply have at your site. Postcards can be printed and mailed relatively inexpensively, and are an effective part of a marketing campaign. In our fast-paced, time-crunched world, post cards can deliver essential information and messaging in an easily absorbed and portable vehicle.  They are also handy to have at networking events and on countertops and waiting rooms. If you’re a fan of awesome independent bookstores, you might also recognize the packaging and gift cards I designed for R.J. Julia Booksellers in Madison, CT.


I have a passion for print–and more specifically, the printed word–especially if it can be found in something resembling a book.  Designing and prepping books and catalogs for print takes special care, dedication and the ability to see the big and little pictures interchangeably.  These projects also allow me to tap into my editorial and writing skills, which make them all the more fun for me.